CEP recognizes individuals and schools each year for their accomplishments in developing character.

American Patriot of Character Award

The American Patriot of Character Award recognizes citizens of great character whose leadership and service exemplify the very best of our nation’s founding principles and ideals.

Sanford N. McDonnell Lifetime Achievement in Character Education Award

The Sanford N. McDonnell Award is named in honor of Sanford N. McDonnell, Chairman Emeritus of the McDonnell Douglas Corporation and CEP. This award is CEP’s highest honor.

National Schools of Character

Since 1998, CEP has recognized schools for their outstanding character development of students through its prestigious NSOC program. With more and more schools achieving a level of excellence, CEP changed the program from a competition to a school improvement process in 2010. The change allows CEP to recognize all schools that meet the standard of excellence established by the 11 Principles of Effective Character Education.

Promising Practices

CEP recognizes annual Promising Practices by schools and districts in the United States and elsewhere that implement unique and specific strategies in character education.