Vision and Mission
Character Education Partnership (CEP) is a national advocate and leader for the character education movement. Based in Washington, DC, we are a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian coalition of organizations and individuals committed to fostering effective character education in our nation's schools.

We are an umbrella organization for character education, serving as the leading resource for people and organizations that are integrating character education into their schools and communities.


Young people everywhere who are educated, inspired and empowered to be ethical and engaged citizens.


Providing the vision, leadership and resources for schools, families and communities to develop ethical citizens committed to building a just and caring world.

What We Do

CEP focuses on defining and encouraging effective practices and approaches to quality character education and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas. We offer:

CEP is key to connecting people interested in character education, especially educators from states/communities without a lot of support for character education.