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2014 Keynote Speakers

Nicholas D. KristofNICHOLAS D. KRISTOF
Pulitzer Prize-Winning New York Times Columnist
Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, then also a New York Times journalist, became the first husband-wife team to win a Pulitzer Prize for journalism for their coverage of China’s Tiananmen Square democracy movement. Kristof won his second Pulitzer in 2006 for what the judges called “his graphic, deeply reported columns that, at personal risk, focused attention on genocide in Darfur and that gave voice to the voiceless in other parts of the world.”  Read full bio >>

Mary Gordon MARY GORDON is recognized internationally as an award-winning social entrepreneur, educator, author, child advocate and parenting expert who has created programs informed by the power of empathy. In 1996 Ms Gordon outlined the initial curriculum of Roots of Empathy and began piloting the program in Toronto. In 2000 she established the national and international organization Roots of Empathy, which has since reached over 600,000 children on three continents. In 2005, Ms Gordon created the Seeds of Empathy program.

Briceno headshot webEDUARDO BRICEÑOPreparing Students to Truly Thrive: Mindsets, Character & 21st Century Competencies. Eduardo will share key research on the effect that a growth mindset and other key beliefs has on students’ behaviors for success in developing moral and performance character, and he will share effective strategies that schools use to cultivate those beliefs and competencies in students. Eduardo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mindset Works. Mindset Works offers curricula, tools, and professional development that hundreds of schools use to develop the student inner drive needed for success in the 21st century.

Gruener_BarbaraBARBARA GRUENERKindness Is The Real Global Warming - Imagine a world in which we focused on elevating empathy and elation rather than battling bullying behaviors. Imagine a school culture that cultivates kindness and compassion rather than combating cruelty and chaos. Pie in the sky … or possible? Prepare to feel the global warming as Barbara shares the tangible effects of infusing kindness, affirmations and gratitude into your character building. Barbara is a counselor and character coach at Westwood-Bales Elementary, a 2009 National School of Character. Barbara has worked as a teacher and counselor with students across all grades, pre-K through 12th, for thirty years. During that time, Barbara has always used fun as her invitation to engage, create, discover, learn, and grow with her students. Barbara is the author of The Corner on Character blog and a new book about SUPERHEROES of the Character Kind. Listen to Barbara’s podcast: “Character is our Power” >>


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