3 Goal-Setting Steps to Make Dreams a Reality

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by The First Tee

Sports, like golf, provide the opportunity for kids to gain exposure to core values and life lessons that that can help in competition, but also in everyday life. Goal setting is one life lesson in particular that can go a long way. Learning to set challenging, but realistic goals is a vital skill kids must learn in order to achieve success whether it’s on a golf course, soccer field, basketball court, classroom, in the community or in their career.

These three steps can help kids successfully turn their dreams into achievable goals:

Define Your Dreams and Goals 

Goals start with dreams. What do you dream of accomplishing in life? Where do you envision yourself? Once you clearly visualize where you want to be or what you want to do, start thinking about small goals to help you get there. Principle 1 of the 11 Principles of Character teaches us about the importance promoting core values. One way to promote core ethical values is through setting goals. When you set goals for how you want to promote core ethical values, you are able to have a clearer vision on how you to make said goals attainable. 

Set Goals That Are Positive and Important to You

It is easier to reach a goal that is stated positively. Stating what you WANT to happen in positive terms rather than what you don’t want to happen. Think about the WHY of your goal. If a goal is important to you, then you can pull from that motivation and will work harder to reach it.

Set Goals That Are Specific and Under Your Control

A goal that is specific says exactly what you want to accomplish so you will be able to measure it and know when you have reached it. As you begin to hit those goals, you can build off of that momentum and gain confidence.

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