What's Happening in Character?

The world needs good character. Character.org is devoted to bringing good character and the 11 Principles to people everywhere. Please enjoy our blog featuring some of the leading thinkers in the world of character development.


Overcoming Fears with the 11 Principles

We all have “phobias”. But when we surround ourselves with the right people at the right time—when we get to be in an environment where shadows of the 11 Principles of Effective Character are evident—we see nothing but the formation of good character.

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Principle 1

Core Values Drive Everything

Core values are essential in shaping the culture of an organization. These values help all stakeholders define who they are, understand group norms and behavioral expectations, and bring unity and identity to the group.

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Principle 1

Choosing Your Core Values

Stakeholders in a school don’t always agree either as to what is most valuable, but the exercise in discussing values and selecting preferences is worth the time it takes to come to agreement.

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