Developing Student Leaders

To develop student leadership, students create S.M.A.R.T goals & provide evidence as to how they will meet leadership goals. In addition, students list their leadership strengths and weaknesses. Students receive feedback from their peers on their leadership style. This is followed up with a discussion on the feedback they received.

Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center

Grade Level:  9-12

Estimated Time: one hour discussion + individual work outside of the discussion

Connections to’s Eleven Principles:
Fosters shared moral leadership (Principle 9)
Fosters students’ self-motivation (Principle 7)

Connections to Core Values: respect; responsibility; leadership

Lesson Objectives

Students will identify their strengths and weaknesses and tie them to leadership 
Students will create S.M.A.R.T. goals regarding their own leadership

Materials Needed

  • Goal Reasons Sheet* (you may create your own or look online for examples)


  • Hold discussion with student leaders.
  • Use the goal reasons sheet and leadership sheet to guide discussion. 
  • Students complete the two sheets (either during the discussion, or following the discussion)
  • Discuss strengths, weaknesses, goals and evidence that will be collected for their goals.
  • Outside of class, students receive feedback from their peers regarding their leadership
  • Reconvene and hold follow up discussion and next steps with student leaders on their feedback


  • Students have created S.M.A.R.T goals and made progress & reflected on the process of meeting or working towards their leadership goals.
  • Students have reflected on their peer feedback & connected or changed their leadership goals. 
  • Students have identified their strengths & weaknesses & reflected on the impact towards their goals and leadership style.

Extensions and Adaptations

Have students write before a discussion. Have students write during a discussion or write post-discussion.

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Berta Guillen, Societies and Cultures Instructional Specialist, Eagle Rock School
Leadership for Justice Power Standard Group, Eagle Rock School
Jonna Book, World Languages Instructional Specialist, Eagle Rock School