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The Individual Certification program is the first step in your journey as part of a community that is passionate in all things character. We use belts as tiers to mark where you are in your journey to becoming certified in the 11 Principles. The program is not easy, but it is rewarding, and it will equip you with the tools you need to be a change maker in your community.

White Belt


You’ve become a member of, kicking off your character journey and granting yourself access to the Character Exchange to you for the next level.

1st Degree Yellow Belt


You’ve logged onto the Character Exchange and you’re preparing to dive deep into the 11 Principles of Effective Character. You’ve completed Principles 1 — 3.

2nd Degree Yellow Belt


You’re well on your way to understanding the power of the 11 Principles to positively impact communities. You’ve completed Principles 4 — 6.

3rd Degree Yellow Belt


You’ve hit the home stretch of introducing yourself to the 11 Principles and you’re getting closer to implementing them. You’ve completed Principles 7 — 9.



You’ve completed each of the 11 Principles on the Character Exchange. Take a moment to embrace your accomplishment… but don’t rest easy yet!

"Having been around The 11 Principles for years now, I was pretty confident in my understanding of how they work. But as I went through the certification process in The Character Exchange, I began to think through them more critically and from more perspectives. These exercises have helped me understand what living The 11 Principles should look like in my life, and I continue to use them every day."
Heather Cazad
Heather Cazad
Green Belt Certified



You’re practicing what you’ve learned. In this level, you’ve successfully led a character driven initiative in your community based off the 11 Principles.

1st Degree Purple Belt


In this level, you’ve led your school as a key contact to implement a character initiative which has been designated a Promising Practice by

2nd Degree Purple Belt


As a key contact, you’ve worked with your school to instill the 11 Principles and have received the State School of Character designation.

3rd Degree Purple Belt


You’ve successfully led your school to the National School of Character designation. With your experience, you have the potential to become either an evaluator or a trainer.

1st Degree Black Belt


You have been recognized for being a mentor to a Blue or Purple Belt student.

2nd Degree Black Belt


You’ve successfully completed Evaluator training via webinar or at the National Forum. You’ll now be able to evaluate schools and other communities for their character!

3rd Degree Black Belt


You’ve successfully completed Trainer training and you’re now able to train other communities in the 11 Principles. You’ve reached a new and exciting stage in your journey!

Certification starts today.

Everyone starts somewhere. To begin your journey towards becoming a character advocate and a Trainer in the 11 Principles, join today and receive your white belt recognition!