Promising Practices

Looking for ideas in a principle your community needs to strengthen? has been certifying Promising Practices in education for nearly 20 years based on successful implementation of 1 or more of The 11 Principles of Character in a unique and replicable way. These recognized practices are often a good first step toward School of Character status because the initiative might not be schoolwide and frequently only addresses 1 or 2 Principles. And it’s not just for schools anymore! We are looking for sports, university and organizational Promising Practices for character development.

Promising Practices

Previous Recipients

Hundreds of schools and organizations all over the world have completed a Promising Practice. Take a look at some of the past recipients below!


We will be announcing more information on the 2020 Promising Practices application soon!


The following resources should help you get the ball rolling on planning and carrying out a Promising Practice that will make the difference to your school and organization!

  • The Character Exchange — Learn how to brainstorm and implement a Promising Practice that reflects the 11 Principles of Character through our comprehensive character development course. Learn More >>

  • What’s Happening in Character? — Our blog features the insights of some of the leading experts in character development, including the masterminds behind the 11 Principles of Character. Learn More >>


We will be announcing more information on the 2020 Promising Practices application soon!

You can find the application here.

There will be an area at the end of the application where you can enter credit card information. You can also pay with a check. If your business office prefers submitting payment via Purchase Order, forward all PO documentation to Make sure there is a description listing what the PO is intending to purchase, what school or department this PO should be associated with (especially if your school is part of a large district with multiple schools) and to whom the corresponding invoice should be forwarded. There will be a $25 handling fee for purchase orders.

The application is $100. If paying by P.O., there is a $25 dollar charge.

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