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Schools of Character Team

It takes a team of dedicated character advocates to closely evaluate every potential School of Character and validate their efforts. We are proud to introduce you to the team that makes this program possible.

National Schools of Character

Leadership Council Members

 Phil Brown
 Joseph Carvin
*  Kent Fahrenbruck
 Doug Karr
 Linda McKay
*  Kasey McKee
 Sheril Morgan
*  Lori Soifer
*  William Trusheim
 David Wangaard

* Regional representatives

Quality Assurance

Jack Benninga
Debbie Brandt
Nicole Diehl
Doug Karr
Eric Knost
Sheril Morgan
Tamra Nast
Rayna Smith
Madison Tomlinson
William Trusheim
David Wangaard

State Coordinators

Kent Fahrenbruck (Colorado)
Val Galina (Florida)
Madonna Murphy (Illinois)
Stephanie Oppel (Iowa)
Noalee McDonald (Kansas)
Jacqueline Schmucki (Kentucky)
Lori Soifer (Michigan)
Barb Bergseth (Minnesota)
Nicole Diehl (Missouri)
Eileen Dachnowicz (New Jersey)
Mary Reinhold (New Jersey)
Laurie Anne Colletti (New Jersey)
Dr. Phil Fusco (New York)
Justyn Knox (North Carolina)
Jacqueline Schmucki (Ohio)
Madison Tomlinson (Oklahoma)
Brendan Petersen (Pennsylvania)
Elaine Gehring (Wisconsin)

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