Sports and Character

We believe that sports and all after-school programs are opportunities for character development.

Of course, most people believe that sports build character. But from our perspective, it depends on how you define character. Most youth sports programs emphasize only performance character.
Grit. Resilience. Self-discipline. But running an extra lap or doing the same drill again and again does not foster moral character.

Joe Ehrmann, a former NFL player who works with kids put it this way: “I coach to help my players to become people of empathy and integrity.”

Every month will feature in our Inspiring Character newsletter an organization or
individual who emphasizes why sports and after-school programs should place the development
of moral character on equal footing with performance character.

June 25, 2020

Jordan Fuller explains how golf can help
develop character in young people.

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Here are a few of the individuals and organizations we will be featuring in the coming months.

Positive Coaching Alliance

YMCA’s Character Development Learning Institute

InsideOut Initiative

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