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Sports Field

From the Sidelines: A Character-Focused Half-Time

During halftime, the 6 seniors from the Chester football team held a special on-field ceremony where they asked their favorite teacher to come out on to the field and stand beside them. Then, the public address announcer read a simple paragraph — written by the players themselves — about why they chose that particular teacher.

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Chair games

Understanding Consent Begins with Respect

Accepting people’s differences and showing empathy are values we try to teach our kids from an early age. It is essential in today’s day and age to build upon that emotional intelligence as they enter adolescence, by beginning to speak to them about sexual assault, what constitutes consent and understanding boundaries.

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Core Values Drive Everything

Core values are essential in shaping the culture of an organization. These values help all stakeholders define who they are, understand group norms and behavioral expectations, and bring unity and identity to the group.

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Choosing Your Core Values

Stakeholders in a school don’t always agree either as to what is most valuable, but the exercise in discussing values and selecting preferences is worth the time it takes to come to agreement.

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