Workshops offers a variety of 11 Principles of Character workshop options for those who want national coaches to come to you and your team. Workshops are great for a deep dive into the 11 Principles and get you started, with veteran coaches, planning next steps with your whole team.

Learning Opportunities

11 Principles One Day Workshop

The 1 day 11 Principles Workshop includes an overview of why it is important to teach character in schools, explains each of the 11 Principles with examples and activities for understanding, provides a self-assessment tool for schools to evaluate the school culture and assists schools in creating an action plan for next steps. It is very helpful to include all staff on this journey as everyone in a school is a character educator in their position.

11 Principles Two Day Workshop

The 2 day 11 Principles Workshop includes everything from the 1 day workshop plus more examples and activities. Attendees can leave with a 3-5 year action plan for their school with more time built into the workshop for processing the information.

11 Principles Workshop: A Deeper Dive

This is for schools that have already been nationally certified and want to drive the teaching of character further into the culture of their school.

Coaching Sessions

This is a 1 day dive into a specific principle a school may be struggling with on their character journey.

Speaker’s Bureau

This is a session for parents, students or staff to help a specific group and is usually a 1-2 hour speaking session.

Skype Sessions

This may be a session with a coach for answering specific questions, an 11 Principles overview or a parent webinar.

Customized Packages

We can customize a package with multiple visits to support a school.

Site Visits

We also offer initial site visits for baseline data where we can make recommendations for the school.

Book a Workshop

If you’re interested in setting up a workshop at your school or organization, or if you would like to attend any of the scheduled workshops already on the calendar, please fill out the form below.

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